BioShock 2: The Last Q&A

Our last Q&A feature rounds up a host of questions, both about the Multiplayer and Single Player, and are answered by JP Lebreton, M.E. Chung, and Melissa Miller.


Why was there decision to switch from an overheat meter to a fuel gauge?
Ready for some game design lingo? The Drill has both its normal operation mode as well as the powerful “Daddy Dash” special move. Using an overheat meter to balance only one of those would have been easy – a long cooldown time for the dash, or a shorter cooldown for each second the drill is spun – however, tuning that single value to balance both, while preserving what was cool and useful about each, proved unworkable. So we fell back on the more conventional “ammo” model, and that’s why the drill consumes fuel now.

Will there be an optional way of knowing how many audio logs you have (apart from counting the ones youve gotten)?
I don’t believe so, sorry. I think the requirements for the “Historian” achievement/trophy are a bit less stringent in BioShock 2, so hopefully it’s not as much of a worry.

Will there be other alpha splicers such as the brute?
Yes, but we don’t want to spoil anything about ‘em!

Will more splicers use plasmids and a wider variety of weapons?
Again, without spoiling anything, there are some enemies you’ll meet that use wacky abilities not seen in the first BioShock. Also, garden variety Leadhead Splicers can now use shotguns and throw grenades, which makes them more versatile and dangerous.

How many different kinds of splicers are there?
You’ll encounter some familiar Splicer faces from the first game and see what 10 years of ADAM abuse has done to them. There are also new Splicers like the Brute that are new and much tougher opponents.

What is that diving knife-looking thing on Delta's belt?
It’s a diving knife. It was in Delta’s original concept art, and made it into the model. I hope I’m not spoiling anything by saying it doesn’t play a part in the actual game – you’re a Big Daddy, so of course the Drill is your melee weapon of choice.

How do plasmids and weapons work for Delta, especially since we can use them at the same time?
Much as you would expect from a “dual wield” paradigm. Compared to BioShock, you’re no longer in either “weapon mode” or “Plasmid mode”, you can use and switch out each at will. Reloading and re-equipping on one hand doesn’t disable your ability to keep using the other hand.

What can you do with a Little Sister when you have her? Can you put her down anywhere but in a vent?
You can put Little Sisters down at bodies to Gather, you can Harvest or Save her at a vent, or Harvest or Save her anywhere she was previously put down.

Will we be experiencing more ghost/flashback sequences?
There are flashback sequences, but no ghost sequences.

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